Existing Initiatives

Community Action Case Study: Reducing Youth Alcohol Harms in the Community of Sherbrooke

This report, Youth Alcohol Use and Its Harms, presents an overview of the alcohol consumption habits of Sherbrooke youth and alcohol-related health problems. The report provides a potential course of action for other Canadian municipalities seeking to reduce alcohol-related harms among their youth and to support postsecondary institutions in their efforts to do the same. The preventative measures taken in Sherbrooke are based on the PEP-AH framework.

Algonquin College: Umbrella Project
The Algonquin College Umbrella Project is a college-wide project that provides training, workshops, education, awareness and support services for students who use substances, and the staff and faculty who interact with them. The initiative is focused on increasing student awareness and education of how to reduce the harms associated with substance use and on continuing Algonquin College’s commitment to a healthy campus community. The specific aims of the Umbrella Project are to decrease barriers to academic success and enhance student’s self-efficacy to self-assess and seek support, if needed, through the school’s growing resources to assist students in reducing the harms related to substance use. The initiative targets six specific areas to achieve their goals: health promotion and education for students, individual student support, community capacity building, providing culture as the intervention, college policies and working with the residence.

University of Guelph: Party Registration Program
The University of Guelph’s Party Registration is a collaborative program between the University of Guelph and the City of Guelph with the goal of making the City of Guelph a more neighbourly place to live for everyone. Students register their party through GryphLife.ca and agree to have their contact information shared with the Guelph Police Service and the City of Guelph so that there is direct contact information should an issue arise at the party. Students who register participate in a consultation that includes tips related to successfully managing a party and reducing neighbourhood complaints, which will in turn decrease their chance of receiving a nuisance fine.