Excessive drinking is a common problem at most colleges and universities, sometimes precipitating incidents, accidents and deaths. Colleges and universities have a limited ability to address the problem without partnerships and collaborations at local, regional and national levels. PEP-AH is made up of colleges and universities whose presidents have signalled that they are willing to collaborate with other to reduce alcohol use on campuses and create environments, policies and practices that support a safe and healthy post-secondary experience that allows students to reach their full potential free from harm caused by alcohol.

PEP-AH members are using an evidence-based framework that includes five strategic areas, and recommended initiatives and measurement indicators, to develop action plans for alcohol harm reduction on their campuses.

PEP-AH is set up to facilitate conversations across the postsecondary education sector on alcohol harm reduction. Members come together to share knowledge, expertise and the results of their ongoing efforts to reduce alcohol-related harms.