Advisory Committee

Volunteers from partner institutions and organizations will be required to serve on a national committee to steer the work of PEP–AH.

Current PEP-AH Advisory Committee members are:

  • Ellie Sadinsky, Queen’s University (co-chair)
  • Catherine Paradis, CCSA (co-chair)
  • James Sanford, Acadia University (National Alcohol Strategy Advisory Committee representative)
  • Darren Kruisselbrink, Acadia University (data management representative)
  • Scott Lofquist-Morgan, Universities Canada (Universities Canada representative)
  • Jonnie-Lyn Baron, Dalhousie University (Atlantic representative)
  • Éric Doré, polytechnique Montréal (Québec representative)
  • Kelley Castle, University of Toronto (Ontario representative)
  • Debbie Bruckner, University of Calgary (Western representative)
  • Clancy McDaniel, St. Francis Xavier (student, outgoing Atlantic representative)
  • Wasiimah Joomun, St. Thomas University (student, incoming Atlantic representative)
  • Nicolas Payette-Prévost, Université de Sherbrooke (student, outgoing Québec representative)
  • Joséphine De Bruycker, polytechnique Montréal (student, incoming Québec representative)
  • Brandon Ulch, University of Guelph (student, outgoing Ontario representative)
  • Leo Erlikhman, Queen’s University (student, incoming Ontario representative)
  • Erik Fraunberger, University of Calgary (student, Western representative)
  • Sarah Bonner-Proulx, University of Manitoba (student, incoming Western representative)