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PEP-AH is a strong partnership of postsecondary institutions from across Canada. It is a network of campuses that are committed to understanding the student drinking culture, and to developing best practices to reduce harms, and sharing them to help promote student health and safety.

Our Collection of Tools

PEP-AH’s evidence-based framework guides members through a range of activities that, when undertaken simultaneously and continuously, work towards one goal: to reduce alcohol harms on campus.

For communications and media information on PEP-AH, please use this toolkit.

The Guide to Getting started helps members in their development of a campus team to address alcohol harms.  Join PEP-AH to access additional resources.

  • Western Regional Symposium

  • Symposium Fact Sheet
Research and Publications

Watch this space for reports on:

  • Pre-drinking
  • Advertising on social media
  • Drinking to cope and black out
  • Perceptions of drinking among youth
  • Severe Acute Intoxications in the Sherbrooke Community
  • Sherbrooke PEP-AH/municipal alcohol policy case study
  • Environmental Scan: National Campus Surveys

Some resources on this page have been supplied to PEP-AH by partner organizations. PEP-AH cannot vouch for the accuracy or currency of the information within these resources. Inclusion of a resource on this page does not imply endorsement or authorization by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction.